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Contested Waters, Shrinking Livelihoods: Critical Issues in Trans-boundary River Sharing in South Asia

Whether the waters in South Asia can be characterized by ‘shared commonalities’ or whether transnational consensus must precede localized or unilateral policy interventions do not constitute the primary axis of the debate. The developmental discourse in this regard seems to have perpetuity, at least in terms of policy mindsets, which transcends boundaries and reduces the issue to usage of water for so-called ‘national’ purposes and considers the deleterious effects as being the sine qua non of development. Additionally, policy interventions in water are paradigmatically ‘statist’, ‘top-bottom’ and non-participatory having scant regard for complex issues such as loss of culture and livelihoods.


Sorry Bangladesh….. Once Again

Raja Habib Raja is an economist and currently is working for a leading development finance institution. He is also a co-editor at Pak Tea House. One of my friends, who is from Bangladesh… Continue reading

Bangladesh unrest exposes political divide

By an Al Jazeera Staff Saturday’s protests were officially called and led by the Hefazat-e-Islam party – a conservative Muslim party Dhaka grinds to a near halt most days now. Protests and counter-protests… Continue reading

Chittagong: A Review

Louis Proyect, the author of this piece, is the moderator of the Marxism mailing list, where his various articles first appear. For information on how to subscribe to the list, go here. Active in… Continue reading

Without a Nation: Stateless Biharis in Bangladesh

Akanksha Pandey lives and works in Dhaka, Bangladesh. At present, the world has numerous nationalities and national territories, however, there are few many communities either without nation or doomed to be subject of… Continue reading

Lost on the way to Dohagram Angorpota

Nicolas Haque is Dhaka (Bangladesh) based correspondent of Al Jazeera. Nicolas Haque In the northern districts where Bangladesh meets India, there are no street signs to tell you where you are. So after… Continue reading

Fallibility of official narratives on development

Rashed Al Mahmud Titumir teaches development studies at the University of Dhaka and is the chair of the Unnayan Onneshan, a think-tank, based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Do the official narratives explain the development… Continue reading