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India’s Regional Policy: Still Meddle and Muddle

How we see our national interest depends on how we see ourselves. Therein lies the rub. The rump Republic of India sees itself as the successor to the British Raj, which left these shores in 1947.


JFK, China and India

Reidel writes with immense knowledge and access to hitherto top secret documents, but with eloquent brevity. He tells all and says all without using up many lines of wordage. He has an eye that can focus with hawk like precision on the relevant detail and keep looking at the big picture also.

Learning Hindi in Paris

The world turned azure, and amidst boozy banter and the ruffling of denim, you were there, alone, bidding the night farewell.

Parsing the Xi Jinping Visit: Economics as the ‘Base’ of the Sino-Indian Relations

P.K.Anand is associated with Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi. He can be contacted at anand.p.krishnan[at]gmail.com. The three-day state visit of the Chinese President Xi Jinping was viewed with great expectations and therefore, received… Continue reading

The guessing game of Malaysian politics

Florence Looi is based in Kuala Lumpur and reports from Asia-Pacific region for Al Jazeera. She can be followed @FlorenceLooi. “When?” “Tomorrow?” “I heard it might be next Monday.” If you want to… Continue reading


Freedom means many things to many people. For some, it is the freedom of thought and expression, while for others it is physical freedom from incarceration. For filmmaker Arvind Iyer, whose debut film… Continue reading

In Indonesia, jailed for non-believing

Step Vaessen, based in Jakarta, has been reporting on Asia for more than a decade. An experienced video-journalist and filmmaker, her career in broadcast journalism has spanned almost two decades. In 2005, she… Continue reading

Shuddhabrata Sengupta interviews Žižek

A Navayana Presentation

Why Is India Doing a Bangladesh in Burma?

Stella Paul is an environment and development Journalist. Her blog is here. Stella Paul Just when protests against India’s 1500 MW Tipaimukh dam are growing louder and stronger in Bangladesh which it fears… Continue reading

India & Indonesia: Relationship and Beyond

Vibhanshu Shekhar is research fellow at the Indian Council of World  Affairs, New Delhi.He can be contacted at vibesjnu@gmail.com. Vibhanshu Shekhar Probably, no other country, outside South Asia shares so much of history, culture… Continue reading

Second Wind for U.S. Imperialism – Now with Chinese Support

Any work on China today would be a marketable proposition and the author here, with his long record of active engagement with the subject, is most unlikely to suffer critical neglect. Despite the… Continue reading