9/11’s forgotten victims

Imran Khan, an Al Jazeera correspondent, reports from across Pakistan. Tahira is typical of many people in Pakistan’s urban middle class. She is a successful businesswoman with a loving family. She remembers the… Continue reading

The Great Deception In Nepal

Roshan Kissoon is a freelance journalist who lived in Nepal for two years working with the Maoists, first as an English teacher in the PLA camp in Chitwan, and then as a copy… Continue reading

Indus River System and China

Amit Ranjan is a Research Scholar in South Asian Studies division of School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. His other posts can be seen here. He can be reached at… Continue reading

Lost on the way to Dohagram Angorpota

Nicolas Haque is Dhaka (Bangladesh) based correspondent of Al Jazeera. Nicolas Haque In the northern districts where Bangladesh meets India, there are no street signs to tell you where you are. So after… Continue reading

Arvind Kejriwal responds to the Rajya Sabha Notice

 Dated: 5 September 2011To Sh Mukul Pande, Director,Rajya Sabha Secretariat, Parliament House/Annexe,New Delhi‐1 Sub: Alleged use of derogatory words during the agitation and its telecast by the Star News Channel – matter of… Continue reading

The Queen No One Cared For

When a dejected legend breaks down at an award ceremony meant to honour her, it really doesn’t speak well for a country and its people. Something similar happened at The Legends of India… Continue reading

It’s Time to Take Sides: Why I’m Protesting the Tar Sands Pipeline

Robert Naiman is policy director at Just Foreign Policy and president of Truthout‘s board of directors. The key political fact about the proposed Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf… Continue reading

The Autumn of Hypocrisy

Rahul Pandita is a Kashmiri writer. A staffer with Open magazine, he was a member of the advisory committee for the Harud literary festival. Tonight, they will raise a toast. Tonight, they will… Continue reading

Are We Talking to the People Who Are Out on the Streets?

Kavita Krishnan is a Member of the Central Committee, CPI(ML) Liberation and Editor of  its organ Liberation. The people saying ‘I am Anna’ or ‘Vande Mataram’ are not all RSS or pro-corporate elites.… Continue reading

Appeal to Support Workers of Maruti Suzuki/मारुति सुज़ुकी के आन्‍दोलनरत मज़दूरों को समर्थन देने की अपील

Fighting Against the Autocratic Attack and Lock-out by the Management Dear friend, The management of the biggest car company in India, Mauti Suzuki India Limited has forced a lock-out at the Manesar, Gurgaon plant… Continue reading

September Is The Month of Palestine

Israel’s seemingly unavoidable nightmare is about to become reality despite rallying by the highest U.S. and Israeli authorities for months to thwart it. President Mahmoud Abbas is expected to formally request in September… Continue reading