India & Indonesia: Relationship and Beyond

Vibhanshu Shekhar is research fellow at the Indian Council of World  Affairs, New Delhi.He can be contacted at Vibhanshu Shekhar Probably, no other country, outside South Asia shares so much of history, culture… Continue reading

Imran Khan’s Battle for Lahore

BARGAD EXCLUSIVE Bilal Khan, a writer from Lahore, Pakistan,  is  editor  of  The Social  Spectator, an online magazine. This article is an analysis of Imran Khan’s politics in Lahore where he is up… Continue reading

A Note from Michael Moore on ‘Here Comes Trouble’

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011 Friends, As my book, HERE COMES TROUBLE, wraps up its third god-awfully awesome week on the New York Times bestseller list, and tens of thousands of you have now… Continue reading

The Gaddafi love-in ends

Imran Khan is a correspondent with Al Jazeera. Hypocrisy. It’s a powerful word, and one that sends many  people into defensive mode. But, is there any other word to describe how the West… Continue reading

Diverting Rivers for Linking, a Catastrophic Idea

Diverting Rivers for Linking, a Catastrophic Idea Aggregated cost of Linking Rivers, Rs 1, 25, 342 crore at 2002-3 prices Centre and few state governments outwitting Court with intra-state links  New Delhi/Oct 18,2011… Continue reading

Lenin Raghuvanshi’s book on Dalits in Independent India released

It has been 64 years since India — the largest democracy in the world — attained independence. Yet, justice for all is still a far cry in the country where the caste system… Continue reading

India should ratify the Ban Amendment to ban hazardous waste trade

Statement of Toxics Watch Alliance India should ratify the Ban Amendment to ban hazardous waste trade 10th Meeting of UN’s Basel Convention to Commence on October 17 CAG Should Audit Kamal Nath and… Continue reading

Following an expansionist policy

Amit Ranjan is a Research Scholar in South Asian Studies division of School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. His other posts can be seen here. He can be reached at… Continue reading

Amnesty International: Chhattisgarh Govt. should drop charges against Soni and Lingaram

India: Chhattisgarh should drop charges against Prisoners of Conscience Soni Sodi and Lingaram Kodopi and unconditionally release them AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC STATEMENT Index: ASA 20/047/2011 11 October 2011 Amnesty International urges authorities in… Continue reading

Afghanistan, a decade later

Jennifer Glasse is Al Jazeera’s Afghanistan Correspondent. Tahmina’s enduring memory of living under the Taliban was crying all night just before Eid, one of the biggest celebrations in the Muslim calendar, because she… Continue reading

UAE Activists Face Trials for an Online Petition

Bargad Exclusive Mona Kareem (23) had collections of her poetry published when she was just 14 and 16. Some of her poems have been translated into six languages. She has a B.A. from… Continue reading