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Nandan Manohar Nilekani, CIA, & NADRA, Pakistan

Dear Fellow Citizens, Pursuant to our earlier discussions, there has not been any debate on the Unique Identity (UID) Number or Aadhaar Number and related proposals and legislations either in the state legislatures… Continue reading

Statement on 254th Anniversary of British East India Company’s Treacherous Conquest

Civil society activists have written an open letter to government of India on the 254th anniversary of Battle of Plassey with an appeal to not to forget painful lessons of that Battle, which… Continue reading


Dear All, This is in pursuance of the Statement of Concern issued in the matter of world’s biggest data management project, Unique Identification (UID) /Aadhaar Number scheme and related proposals like National Intelligence Grid by 17 eminent… Continue reading

Usha Ramanathan on UID/AADHAR

Interview with Usha Ramanathan on the Universal Identification Scheme (UID) currently introduced in India. interview by Nityanand Jayaram director: Ajit Thamburaj venue: Chennai, Asian College of Journalism, 4.3.2011

Surveillance Architecture, Radio Collar, RFID, PII & UID Number/Aadhaar

by Gopal Krishna   A Raja, Nandan Nilekani & Sam Pitroda Undermine Parliament & Citizens Rights States, Citizens, Constitution Not Consulted   If tagging of Indian students with Radio Collar in US… Continue reading

Nandan Nilekani is subverting the Constitution: Gopal Krishna

Not even 100 days have passed since then and the opposition to numbering human beings from various quarters of civil society have begun springing out. Human rights activist Gopal Krishna is one such… Continue reading

What the UID conceals/R. Ramakumar

Published on October 20, 2010 in The Hindu R. Ramakumar is with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. (A woman giving finger print impressions on a digital machine at a special booth… Continue reading

Constitutional, Legal, Historical & Technological Reasons Against UID/Aadhaar Scheme

To Shri Anant Gangaram Geete Chairperson & Members Parliamentary Petitions Committee New Delhi Through Shri Hulasi Ram, Deputy Secretary Parliamentary Petitions Committee Subject-Constitutional, Legal, Historical, & Technological Reasons Against UID//Aadhaar Scheme Sir, This is to… Continue reading

Even Mahatma Gandhi was against ID cards

About a century ago, Gandhiji started the world famous ‘Satyagraha’ in order to oppose the identification scheme of the government in South Africa. Hundred years later, India is repeating a similar programme under… Continue reading

Eminent Personalities Against `unique identity number’ (UID Number)

STATEMENT The project that proposes to give every resident a `unique identity number’ is a matter of great concern for those working on issues of food security, NREGA, migration, technology, decentralisation, constitutionalism, civil… Continue reading

29th September 2010 marks the dooms day for India: Ram Krishnaswamy

29th September 2010, will go down in history as a sad day, when poor and illiterate masses will be herded in like cattle in Nandurbar in Maharashtra to be “BRANDED” for life and… Continue reading