‘A well-researched fiction’

Anant Prakash is a young creative writer. He can be contacted at anantawasthi21[at]gmail.com.

Anant Awasthi
Anant Awasthi

Book Review

The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi
Westland/2012, pp. 475(PB)

90445-the_krishna_keyWriters in India have rarely gone this far researching for their fiction based stories. The Krishna Key is a story of a history professor, who is facing the charge of murder of his dearest archeologist friend. This story goes further with the chase of history professor for finding the evidences to prove his innocence. On the opposite side, the antagonist is consistently killing innocent academicians to get his hold on an ancient emblem of a famous Indian lord.

This book is full of details. There are logic before each ritual. The first instance of logic is supported by second instance of logic, and so on. Therefore, it is hard to grasp all the details in one read. Evolution of sage’s character could have increased the charm of the story. There could also be a conversation with the sage over alchemy rather than professor’s overt display of intellect. Moreover, you go through from first page to last page and find that the emblem is hidden at a sacred place, which cannot be exposed. It seems disappointing.

The book is like a bag full of historical, mythical, and scientific facts. The presentation of facts entwined with a fluid fictional plot. The character of sage’s seems interesting, which exhibits three times in the story to recite that philosopher is more important than the stone. There could be a conversation between history professor and sage over alchemy. The discussion could have given the reasons to protagonist’s abstruse decision of not unearthing the relic due to a religious place. Noticeably, a religious place could not be harmed for any reason. There could be a better reason for not discovering the relic. In short, the last sacred 108th chapter could be more focused. It could be focused on sage’s comment, “Philosopher is more important than the stone”. The protagonist could have stated that unearthing emblem can bring disastrous power imbalance in the world. Thus, the hidden state of powerful emblem is a righteous choice for the overall good of mankind.

If you love to read research papers, threaded in an engaging story to explore the reasons behind Indian mythology then you should read this book.


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