Good stories can be told even through short films, prove directors


New Delhi, 4 August:

Existing in a world where people are struck by the glamour of feature films is difficult, but makers of short films in competition at the 12th Osian’s Cinefan Festival for Asian and Arab Cinema have proved their grit by coming up with unique stories.

‘Circle Line’ by Shin Suwon from South Korea is about a man regretting his action in taking out his frustration on someone else. The filmmaking took six years and the director had to go round collecting money.

Kuriakose Saju Vaisian’s ‘Cat People’ is the story of a couple attempting their marriage a second chance despite some bad memories of the past. The filmmaker felt such festivals give recognition to small filmmakers.

‘Dirty Doves’ by Rizwan Siddiqui of India is about an old man from Pakistan who continues to live in the past and so comes to Lucknow where he was born.

‘The Bus’ by Olgu Baran Kubilay of Turkey tells the predicament of a disabled man who takes the same bus everyday but has to take a crucial decision that will affect others.

Indifference or dependence can adversely affect lives. Ekta Arora of India attempts to convey this through ‘Indhiyam’ about life in the slums of Chennai.