Interview with Zohra Sehgal at 100

The Uday Shankar Ballet Troupe, ca (1935-37). Seen at the bottom left Zohra Segal, who joined in August 1935, and toured with Uday Shankar till he returned to India, 1938.

Veteran actor and theatre personality Zohra Sehgal (b. April 27, 1912) has opened up about her theatre experience, marriage, best pals and her life’s journey in a recent exclusive interview with ANI‘s Smita Prakash. Zohra’s simplicity and zeal towards life inspire budding actors. She has given six decades of her life to the art of cinema in which has played numerous splendid roles and made them alive on screen. She has such a liveliness and enthusiasm in her voice even at this age, which essays her dedication and passion.