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Climate change, food security and sustaining peace

The interconnectedness of food security, natural resources, peace and conflict is not new to anyone familiar with fragile and conflict-affected states. The question is how to reverse this negative spiral. It is instrumental to focus on the questions of how interventions are interacting with other factors, what negative side effects may appear and how to reduce or, even better, prevent them.


The complete statement : Foreign language Oscar nominees blame ‘leading politicians’ for inciting fear and bigotry across the world

Regardless of who wins the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film on Sunday, we refuse to think in terms of borders. We believe there is no best country, best gender, best religion or best color. We want this award to stand as a symbol of the unity between nations and the freedom of the arts.

Was there an alternative to Fidel Castro’s “Stalinism”?

Does it matter that a government that took their advice seriously would be snuffed within a year of its taking power? Obviously not. They don’t really care about the difficulties of wielding power in a world controlled by immensely powerful capitalist states, including one that was only 90 miles from Cuba.

Beyond the Bonhomie: When the Oldest met the Largest

Nagesh K Ojha is a researcher in School of International Studies, JNU, New Delhi. India is a country of immense contradictions, yet it is significant on the global chessboard especially for American’s long-term… Continue reading

Istanbul: the western end of Eurasia

Prof. Ajay Patnaik is a senior academic at the School of International Studies in Jawaharlal Nehru University. He can be contacted at patnaik.ajay[at}gmail.com. There are many definitions of Eurasia. This author mostly had… Continue reading

Full Text: Manmohan Singh’s speech at UN General Assembly

Your Excellency, Mr President, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, Allow me at the outset to congratulate you on assuming the Presidency of the General Assembly. I wish to assure you of India’s full cooperation… Continue reading

For Emerging Economies, Rising Global Influence/Paul Krugman

Note: The article is being taken from Truthout which has licensed this content. It may not be reproduced by any other source and is not covered by our Creative Commons license. Its copyright… Continue reading