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Chilling New Report Cites Greater Death Toll in Allende Massacre

Researchers cite a ProPublica and National Geographic investigation revealing the DEA’s involvement and call for answers from the United States.


Should Syria be a litmus test for the left in the 2016 elections?

To start with, as I have pointed out before, a search in Nexis for “Jill Stein”, “Green Party” and “Syria” returns zero articles while for “Jill Stein”, “Green Party” and “fracking” returns 18 and “Jill Stein”, “Green Party” and “global warming” returns 21. So this will give you an idea of where her priorities are.

Hillary Clinton: Obama’s Dick Cheney?

It may be hard for the white supremacist capitalist ruling class that controls the military industrial complex to find and hire another loyal and obedient servant like Barrack Obama, who acts more like their kitchen bus boy than a president, but, aside from having to tell her to go easy on wars and hold off on her order for new wars, Hillary will be embraced as another supposedly invaluable agent of US imperialism, who will further push the world towards destruction and mass annihilation.

JFK, China and India

Reidel writes with immense knowledge and access to hitherto top secret documents, but with eloquent brevity. He tells all and says all without using up many lines of wordage. He has an eye that can focus with hawk like precision on the relevant detail and keep looking at the big picture also.

Obama breaks the ice: Viva Fidelismo!

This was so till last week, when US President Barack Obama decided to junk a over half century old shibboleth and break the ice with Cuba. Cuba will now change. But history will record that the USA changed first.

Statement of Bradley Manning

The following is a transcript of the statement made by Pfc. Bradley Manning as read by David Coombs at a press conference on Wednesday after Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison.… Continue reading

Zuckerberg on the US Govt’s Surveillance of Net

For past few days, numerous reports have come out regarding the US government’s surveillance of phone and Internet activities. A campaign demanding inquiry in the matter is also initiated. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Chairman… Continue reading

Assad’s backers on the left are ignoring reality

“Nowhere in rebel-controlled Syria is there a secular fighting force to speak of,” claimed a recent New York Times article. For those on the left convinced that the US is hell-bent on backing… Continue reading

Are All Telephone Calls Recorded and Accessible to the US Government?

A former FBI counter-terrorism agent claims on CNN that this is the case The real capabilities and behavior of the US surveillance state are almost entirely unknown to the American public because, like… Continue reading

Dispatch from Boston

Patriots’ Day in Boston is normally a celebration, but violence mars marathon held on historic day. Alan Fisher is an award-winning correspondent of Al Jazeera who has reported from across the world. One… Continue reading

World military spending falls, but China, Russia’s spending rises: SIPRI

World military expenditure totalled $1.75 trillion in 2012, a fall of 0.5 per cent in real terms since 2011, according to figures released today by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). The fall—the… Continue reading