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The hatred of journalism!

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) released today its 2018 World Press Freedom Index, which evaluates the level of press freedom in 180 countries.


Journalism Under Threat: An Interview with Raza Rumi

Rabia Mehmood In conversation with Raza Rumi Also Read: Escaping death in the Land of the Pure Over the last five years, reporting on sensitive issues has put journalists under extreme threat in Pakistan.… Continue reading

पत्रकार मार्खेस

प्रकाश के रे बरगद के संपादक हैं. हमारे समय की एक बड़ी त्रासदी यह है कि हमारे समाज जैसे औपनिवेशिक और उत्तर-औपनिवेशिक समाजों की समझ के लिए हम पश्चिमी आधुनिकता की अवधारणाओं पर… Continue reading

108 Journalists Killed in 2013

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has issued a desperate appeal for governments across the world to end impunity for violence against journalists and media staff after posting 108 killings for 2013. Fifteen… Continue reading

Sing Raag Basant, then interview

Weird, incisive, witty, temperamental — a journalist meets people with these qualities and more. It’s a different world out there. The mind must be ready to explore, question and appreciate, Sumati Mehrishi, a… Continue reading

Tale of interesting times: Lucknow Boy

Arvind Das is a journalist-cum-photographer with a deep interest in literature, cinema and travel. He blogs and can be reached at arvindkdas@gmail.com. Vinod Mehta’s memoirs, Lucknow Boy, could not have been published in… Continue reading

इस इन्क़लाबी माहौल में लोग हमारे सबसे क़ीमती सम्पति हैं -वादा ख़ानफ़ार

अल जज़ीरा के लम्बे समय समय तक मुखिया रहने और इस नेटवर्क को दुनिया के सबसे महत्वपूर्ण और मज़बूत मीडिया-संस्थानों में से एक बनाने के बाद वादा ख़ानफ़ार ने 20 सितम्बर को अल… Continue reading

Time for Murdoch’s right-hand woman to go?

Abid Ali has more than a decade of experience covering global business. Before joining Al Jazeera as business editor in 2008, he edited and copyedited business news at CNN – both on air and… Continue reading

Reporting in China

Melissa Chan is Al Jazeera’s correspondent based in China. She covered the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the devastating earthquake in Sichuan Province that killed at least 68,000 people. In 2009, she covered the… Continue reading

A Note on ProPublica’s Second Pulitzer Prize

Paul E. Steigeris the editor-in-chief, CEO and president of ProPublica. ProPublica reporters Jesse Eisinger and Jake Bernstein have been awarded a Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting for their stories on how some Wall… Continue reading

Boston Media Reform Conference: A Report

Truthout Editor’s Note: The country’s largest media reform conference, the National Conference on Media Reform 2011, was held in Boston, USA on April 8-11, bringing together journalists, activists, educators and policy-makers. Over three… Continue reading