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Climate change, food security and sustaining peace

The interconnectedness of food security, natural resources, peace and conflict is not new to anyone familiar with fragile and conflict-affected states. The question is how to reverse this negative spiral. It is instrumental to focus on the questions of how interventions are interacting with other factors, what negative side effects may appear and how to reduce or, even better, prevent them.


Hunger grips Yemen’s children

Jane Ferguson is an Al Jazeera journalist. The whole team was shocked. We knew we were looking for evidence of child hunger, but we never expected skeletal babies – close to death. Yemen… Continue reading

You Poor People Have No Rights Only Duties: A Letter Written by a Billionaire

From The Activists creating revolutionary information flows Dear Poor People: Some stupid wage slaves are under the impression that they have certain rights, nothing can be further from the truth. You have no… Continue reading

‘Must not see Land Acquisition in isolation from larger Agrarian Question’ -S P Shukla

S.P. Shukla, Former Member of Planning Commission, India, discusses the land acquisition policies and ways of various State governments in the country. He argues for a comprehensive Land Use Policy document to be… Continue reading

Big Mummy of All Welfare Schemes

The hungry can wait. India to create a National Food Security Commission. To be followed up at the State-level. More cushy jobs in the name of poor and hungry.  It is being projected as… Continue reading

Water and sanitation: A Human Right for all, even slum-dwellers and the homeless

  18 March 2011 Joint Statement on Occasion of World Water Day GENEVA – On the occasion of World Water Day, which is commemorated on 22 March 2011, the UN Independent Expert on… Continue reading

This Time We’re Taking the Whole Planet With Us

Chris Hedges, whose column is published Mondays on Truthdig, spent nearly two decades as a foreign correspondent in Central America, the Middle East, Africa and the Balkans. He has reported from more than… Continue reading

The Egyptian Tinderbox: How Banks and Investors Are Starving the Third World

Ellen Hodgson Brown JD developed her research skills as an attorney practicing civil litigation in Los Angeles. She is the author of 11 books, and will be releasing another in 2011 focused on… Continue reading

Contradictions of ‘development’ in contemporary India/ Swapna Banerjee-Guha

Swapna Banerjee-Guha is Professor of Development Studies in the School of Social Sciences, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Most recently she published Accumulation by Dispossession: Transformative Cities in the New Global Order… Continue reading

How right you are, Dr. Singh

Veteran Journalist P. Sainath writes an open letter to Dr Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister, India. The letter was published in The Hindu on 14 Sept 2010. When we have policies trample on people’s… Continue reading