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India’s Regional Policy: Still Meddle and Muddle

How we see our national interest depends on how we see ourselves. Therein lies the rub. The rump Republic of India sees itself as the successor to the British Raj, which left these shores in 1947.


OBOR: Bunkum and Incredulity.

Much is being made about the overland link between China and Europe by rail and road links. Most commentators seem to miss that the Trans-Siberian Railway line from Vladivostok to Moscow is almost a hundred years old. Its capacity can be beefed up. Yet overland freight costs will always be much more expensive than sea freight costs. Business is about cuttings costs and taking the least expensive options. No one with commonsense will prefer to shift by land what can be shipped.

An Open Letter to Ashutosh (Spokesperson of Aam Aadmi Party)

History is moving in zig-zags and by roundabout ways. – Lenin Dear Ashutosh Ji, After reading your article, Modi lessons for CPM, in The Indian Express, a famous quote of Marx (the another… Continue reading

Parsing the Xi Jinping Visit: Economics as the ‘Base’ of the Sino-Indian Relations

P.K.Anand is associated with Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi. He can be contacted at anand.p.krishnan[at]gmail.com. The three-day state visit of the Chinese President Xi Jinping was viewed with great expectations and therefore, received… Continue reading

“China’s Chairman is our Chairman?”

Mohan Guruswamy is Chairman and founder of Centre for Policy Alternatives, New Delhi, India. He has over three decades of experience in government, industry and academia. He can be contacted at mohanguru[at]gmail.com. When… Continue reading

G P Deshpande’s EPW Articles

अल्लाह करे मीर का जन्नत में मकाँ हो, मरहूम ने हर बात हमारी ही बयाँ की….. Eminent Marathi playwright and intellectual Govind Purushottam Deshpande (1938-2013), popularly known as GoPu and GPD, died at 8.15… Continue reading

BRICS Lessons From Mozambique

Bobby Peek is director of the NGO groundWork. Just across the border in Mozambique there is neo-colonial exploitation underway. It is not Europe or the United States that are dominating, but rather countries… Continue reading

World military spending falls, but China, Russia’s spending rises: SIPRI

World military expenditure totalled $1.75 trillion in 2012, a fall of 0.5 per cent in real terms since 2011, according to figures released today by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI). The fall—the… Continue reading

BRICS grab African land and sovereignty

Tomaso Ferrando is an Italian barrister, currently PhD Student at Sciences Po Law School, Paris, France. BRICS states, except Russia, are enhancing and facilitating land grabs abroad in a way that is inconsistent… Continue reading

Building BRICS

Tania Page is a correspondent for Al Jazeera, based in South Africa. Follow her on Twitter: @TaniaPage. It might be moving slowly but it is easy to forget that the BRICS grouping is but… Continue reading

Contemporary Imperialism and the Socialist Alternative

Prasenjit Bose is an economist and political activist. Financial and economic crises have always accompanied neoliberal capitalism over the past four decades from Latin America and Eastern Europe to South East Asia. The difference… Continue reading