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Budget 2018: More Sleight of Hand

An analysis of budget break-ups since 1999 shows that proportions of most heads just do not change, as GDP growth and hence tax revenues usually stay nearer where they have been before.


GDP: Growth or Fudge?

Higher growth rates will happen, but for that the government must do the right things first. That will come by making investments in human capital and in productive job creation. Since capital is always the constraint, it must be judiciously used. Fudging data will only create an interim illusion of well-being. Since reality catches up sooner or later, it is better to grapple with it now and rely on the illusion in 2019.


Even the trained economists are now asking one simple question – in the light of subdued mood in almost every sector of the economy how come the GDP growth figures are showing such high figures – amidst dwindling world and domestic demand. The jury is definitely not yet out.


Corruption and black money are handy issues while in opposition, but those are always put in the back burner while in power. Without proper policies and concrete steps taken to unearth black money and utilising them for greater good of the nation – all talks of “na khayenge, na khane denge” or “no one dares to send money abroad now” will keep on sounding rhetorical and very hollow.

Where are the Green Shoots?

The government needs to summon the political will to step up capital expenditure by trimming subsidies, more efficient, intelligent and diligent taxation and by attracting more foreign direct investment, not only in industry but even more so in infrastructure expansion and modernization. Till then green shoots will be just like shaven grass strewn on a doctored cricket pitch. Something Finance Minister and Delhi cricket czar Arun Jaitley is very familiar with.


If education, training and finally gainful employment are not provided to this population, this demographic advantage can prove to be a double edged sword for the country. This young population, if unemployed, can create social and political unrest. We can only hope that enough livelihood opportunities are created in the coming years for this gradually younger population towards an inclusive kind of economic growth – instead of announcements and propaganda of new schemes as has been done by the government in 2015.

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