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रॉबर्ट मुगाबे और पश्चिम के पैंतरे

इसमें कोई दो राय नहीं है कि मुगाबे और ओल्ड गार्ड ने अपनी सत्ता को बरकरार रखने के लिए हिंसा का सहारा लिया, उनकी नीतियों ने आर्थिक विकास को बुरी तरह अवरुद्ध किया और मजदूर संगठनों में अपने विपक्ष को उन्होंने शासन में जगह नहीं दी, जिस कारण देश में राजनीतिक तनाव का माहौल बना रहा. लेकिन क्या जिंबाब्वे के आर्थिक विकास को बाधित करने में अंतरराष्ट्रीय प्रतिबंधों की कोई भूमिका नहीं रही? क्या अफ्रीका के संसाधनों की सांगठनिक लूट ने कोई असर नहीं डाला? क्या लोकतंत्र और मानवाधिकारों की बकालत करनेवाले पश्चिमी देश अफ्रीका और दुनिया के अन्य हिस्सों में अपनी औपनिवेशिक मानसिकता से मुक्त हो सके हैं? इन तमाम सवालों को नजरअंदाज कर रॉबर्ट मुगाबे के शासन की समीक्षा मुकम्मल नहीं हो सकती है.


Uganda: A brilliant genocide

From 1986 to 2006, President Museveni’s troops drove nearly two million Acholis, 90% of the population, into concentration camps. In all that time, the Ugandan military machine continued to be financed by the US.

Indo-Africa Summit: Revival of diplomatic legacy

If the short-term future lies with the Asia; long-term growth and development is bound to depend on the African continent. This potential region has the capacity to support the juggernaut of Asian progress. India, having this context into consideration, rightly made a move to extend cooperation toward Africa through the Indo-Africa Forum, a well thought-out program and diplomatic move, to establish better understanding with the second most populous region on this planet.

Learning Hindi in Paris

The world turned azure, and amidst boozy banter and the ruffling of denim, you were there, alone, bidding the night farewell.

Boko Haram and the West’s intervention

Kola Ibrahim is a freelance writer, author and activist, a member of the Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN). The kidnapping of about 270 schoolgirls in Chibok town five weeks ago has drawn widespread… Continue reading

Central African Republic – “We will take our revenge”

Peter Bouckaert is Emergency Director at Human Rights Watch and an expert in humanitarian crises, focusing on protecting the rights of civilians during armed conflict. He can be followed at twitter. Fatimatu Yamsa… Continue reading

Be(tray)ing Mandela: Who Speaks for the Oppressed?

Vineet Thakur, a Ph D candidate at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, is a scholar of International politics. In this article, he responds to the critique of Nelson Mandela by DSU, an ultra-left… Continue reading

Wealthy Tourists Can Now ‘Experience Poverty’ in Fake South African Slum

Ndesanjo Macha is a blogger, journalist, lawyer, digital activist and new media consultant. He is interested in the relationship between social media and development in the developing world, particularly Sub-Saharan Africa. Macha is… Continue reading

BRICS Lessons From Mozambique

Bobby Peek is director of the NGO groundWork. Just across the border in Mozambique there is neo-colonial exploitation underway. It is not Europe or the United States that are dominating, but rather countries… Continue reading

Hydropower politics: The struggle for control of the world’s longest river

Elissa Jobson is a freelance journalist based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. She can be contacted at twitter. Strong emotions rise to the surface when discussions turn to the Nile, the world’s longest river.… Continue reading

Africa’s islands-Colonialism Continues

It is generally held that decolonisation of Africa ended with the fall of apartheid in South Africa in 1994. But the truth is that Britain, France, Spain and Portugal continue to colonise a… Continue reading