Twitter reacts to Kanhaiya’s speech

The best bits from Kanhaiya Kumar’s blockbuster speech.

ब्रिक्स के पतन की शुरूआत !

दुनिया की सातवींं सबसे बड़ी अर्थव्यवस्था की प्रगति अन्य विकासशील अर्थव्यवस्थाओं के लिए बड़ी मिसाल रही है. ऐसे में उसका पतन महाशक्तियों की नीतियों की वैधता के लिए जरूरी है.

Nivedita, My Teacher

It would be good for the journalists, instead of targeting Nivedita Menon, if they spend their energy in researching over the issues she raised during her lectures. A few people are of view that they should be allowed to attend some of her classes. I am against it because as her student, I know she expects hard work from her students, and insists them to read original literature. Both requirements would not suit the sadist journalists who are experts in maligning others by disseminating wrong information through doctored video clips.

The forgotten stanzas of Jana, Gana, Mana

India’s national anthem is only one of the five stanzas, composed and penned by Rabindranath Tagore. The remaining four stanzas can be heard here. This video is from a Bangla film Rajkahini (Srijit… Continue reading

Nationalism fever strikes India

Concerned citizens, activists, civil libertarians, constitutional experts, and protesting university students see an unfolding tragedy in the violence perpetrated by the “patriotic” mobs. The mobs undermine the democratic order. They flaunt their commitment to the ruling party’s ideology and bank on police inaction.

A Rejoinder to Deborshi’s letter to Kanhaiya

It is about the basic rights. About the release of those framed in fake cases. And the rights to speak. Against the puffed up bullies. The next stage is a next stage, and that depends on this struggle.

When JNUSU forced Indira Gandhi to resign

After 10-15 minutes of strong slogan shouting against the “Criminals of the Emergency”, Indira Gandhi, accompanied by her notorious Emergency-time Home Minister Om Mehta and two more walked up to the gate briskly. I must say I was impressed by her imposing but pleasant looking personality. She was smiling and listened to the slogans for a while. Then, Sitaram Yechury started reading the JNUSU’s demands.


Though the Survey notes that tax revenue may exceed the projected level, it also recognises the stagnant tendency in tax-GDP ratio. If the revenue does not increase proportionately in the coming years and government spendings are cut to achieve deficit targets prescribed under FRBM, then it may not easy to revive the growth momentum.

राज्य का नैतिक लबादा

जिजेक कहते हैं कि पूँजीवाद आज इतना सक्षम हो चुका है कि उसे लोकतंत्र की जरूरत भी अब नहीं है. उनकी भविष्यवाणी है कि दोनों का संबंध-विच्छेद बहुत जल्दी हो जायेगा. इस प्रक्रिया को हम रोजमर्रा में घटित होते देख सकते हैं. परंतु पूँजीवाद स्वयं को बहाल रखने और मजबूत करने के तर्क तो देता ही रहेगा. बस अब यह हो रहा है कि वह आर्थिक तर्क नहीं दे पा रहा है क्योंकि उसके पुराने सभी वादे असफल रहे हैं.

Students as Enemy?

The fight to save JNU is a fight to save the values enshrined in the constitution of India. If we fail today in our duty, history will remember us as “anti-nationalist”.

If anti-national means this, God save our country

What I mean to say is that we don’t need the certificate of patriotism from the RSS. We don’t need a nationalist certificate from the RSS. We belong to this country. We love this country. We fight for the 80 per cent of the poor population of this country. For us, this is nation worship.