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बर्नी सांडर्स के नाम एक पत्र

आपने हिलेरी क्लिंटन की राजनीति पर भी खूब बोला है। जो आपको समर्थन मिला और जो वोट मिले, वे मुख्य रूप से हिलेरी की राजनीति के खिलाफ ही मिले थे। हिलेरी उसी राजनीति की कमांडर हैं जिन्हें दुनिया ने लंबे समय से भोगा है। यह सब आप कह चुके हैं। मुझे उम्मीद थी कि आप और जेरेमी कोर्बिन मिल कर दुनिया के दर्द की मरहम पट्टी करेंगे। आपने समर्पण कर दिया है। देखना है कि कोर्बिन कब तक टिकते हैं।

The crisis in the global economy

The crisis in the global economy is a subject that engages many and affects most of mankind. Like all such issues we find little clarity but a lot of fire and brimstone. Few have tried to seek feasible solutions. Even fewer are qualified, experienced and with a usefully cosmic view of the world we live in to write about it. Fortunately we still have people like Mervyn King. King was the Governor of the Bank of England from 2003 to 2013, a tumultuous period that saw the world economy expand at a record pace and then arrive at the precipice in 2008. We are still seeking to find new pathways to get over it. And clearly we are struggling.

Tales of A Continuing Carnage

Look at the officers and that Kodnani featured in ‘Gujarat Files’. No one is sorry for his or her role. All are playing victim card. That is chilling. The overarching personality terror of two top guys, then and now, is terrifying in those pages. The fear and submission at large, after Gujarat, now all over, is becoming a normal. India is becoming Gujarat of the post-2002 years. Rana Ayyub’s book is a profound indicator of that. Not the content of the book, but its publication story. The content is important for its evidential value. All is known for too long.

‘The leftists need Self-Corrective Measures’

Abdul Matin, a PhD Scholar of JNU, on the Left, identities, and arguing for ‘democratisation’ of democracy …

Marginal Identities, Mainstream Institutions: Caste and the Academia

It is hardly surprising that institutions of higher learning in India mirror and sometimes stimulate ideas and beliefs that are counterproductive to the ideals of equality, social justice and egalitarianism.

On governing India: “Then who will come to us?”

The India of today is also much more of a nation sharing a common perception of its origins and history. With a billion people under its flag, today’s India, a fractious and youthful democracy with a billion unsatisfied aspirations would easily be the toughest public administration challenge in the world.

क्योंकि अब मैं खुद में खत्म नहीं होती : A JNU student from Nagpur

But if an appeal so genuine was torn apart and turned up against Rohit, his family and everyone who stood for him; if the reasoned debates at the freedom square teach-ins from the best minds in India, the appeals and solidarity statements from scientists and the most eminent academicians in India and the world, the beating up of a student leader in a court complex, a concerted agitation launched by university students, a hunger strike in this unbearable heat of Delhi which enters its 14th day as I write could not move your conscience I wonder what will. And thus this note is not addressed to the HRD minister or the JNU VC.

Modern anti-semitism: born on the right, against the left

Modern anti-semitism, of the kind which the Nazis expressed in a particularly virulent form, was crafted as an ideology against the influence of the left and as an alternative to the universal, internationalist and anti-capitalist politics of the left.

The Uighur Visa Controversy

There is more than what meets the eye of the recent controversy on the issuance and withdrawal of visas to Dolkun Isa and Omar Kanat of the World Uighur Congress (WUC). Things are not what they seem. The visas were given despite or because of the antecedents of all the parties concerned.

The downfall of Punjab

In 1965 Punjab’s per capita income was Rs.562 and was 1.7 times that of Bihar’s Rs.332. Punjab now has a per capita income of Rs. 92,000 and Bihar Rs.31.000, or about 3:1. But other changes have also set in. Once India’s most prosperous state, it now lags behind Haryana, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kerala and Telangana as is about par with the neighboring hill state of Himachal Pradesh.

The London Greens’ right wing lurch

To be clear – it is, of course, up to the Greens in London whether to recommend a second vote for Labour of not. Equally, it is up to the rest of us to decide that this party formation has little to do with developing the radical left or the class struggle.