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Kashmir, September 2010. The Reichstang Fire (dispersed) Redux ?

Shuddhabrata Sengupta‘s take on the recent, disturbing incidents of arson in Kashmir. He is associated with Raqs Media Collective/Sarai-CSDS, Delhi. He can be reached at This was first posted at As… Continue reading

यादों में उलझी लच्छा सेवईयां….

यह आलेख लिखने वाले सुशील झा बी बी सी में कार्यरत हैं. उनकी शिक्षा जादूगोड़ा (झारखण्ड), जे एन यू और IIMC, दिल्ली में हुई. आजकल दिल्ली में रहते हैं. उनसे पर संपर्क… Continue reading

Urgent: Ask the Government of Tamil Nadu to Ban Jallikattu

  Dear friends, In some districts of the Tamil Nadu province, local residents chase and taunt bulls in an attempt to grab money tied to their horns at an event called Jallikattu. Bulls… Continue reading

Saving democracy from the corporate veil

Five things the US should do to quell the global outrage after the recent verdict in the Bhopal gas leak case and provide some justice to the victims. –Gopal Krishna, Convenor, ToxicsWatch Alliance… Continue reading