SREEDEEP is an independent photographer & Fellow at the Centre for Public Affairs and Critical Theory, Shiv Nadar University.

“Praatohkrityo” is a dance-theatre production that originates from the urban rituals lying beneath the surface of everyday life. The pre-designed structure of repeated actions, movements, behaviour, feelings, pushes us to look for newer signs, codes, and movements. These codes of movement have been determined by different overlapping systems of oppression such as patriarchy, fundamentalism, the State etc. It takes cue from urban ritual because our movements essentially emerge from life we live and that is our point of departure of this dance theatre. The work raises questions regarding the perfect body type expected of a dancer and dance belonging only to traditionally schooled dancers.

Performed in Kamani Audi, New Delhi on April 21, 2016

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Dancers/ Performers

1. Shruti Ghosh

2. Debarati Sarkar

3. Satakshi Nandy

4. Sreejita Mitra

5. Priya Saha Roy

6. Koustabh Chakrabarty

Musicians / Percussionists

1. Arkapravo Das

2. Sourav Chatterjee

3. Dwaipayan Saha

4. Ritoban Das

5. Pratap Dalui

6. Debjit Mahalanobis

7. Indradeep Sarkar

Director/ Designers/ Management

1. Joyraj Bhattacharjee  (Director/ Choreographer)

2. Sumit Chakraborty (Light Designer/ Operator)

3. Khokon Chandra (Sound Engineer)

4. Indranath Pal (Stage Manager Set and Properties)

5. Aditya Shaw Sonar (Stage Manager Light and Sound)

6. Aritry Das (Production Manager)

7. Daminee Basu (Executive Producer)

All are from Kolkata, India.

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