An open letter to the biggest Bihari connoisseur of Samosa

Dear Lalu Prasad Ji

When you decided to team up with Nitish Kumar to defeat the BJP, many dismissed you. And the results surprised many. You once again vindicated the proverbial slogan of Jab tak rahega Samose mein aloo, tab tak rahega Bihar mein Lalu.

Your detractors are raising the bogey of jungle raj to attack you. You have said that the buck stops with Nitish Kumar and not you. Let us leave it that that. After all this is your second political honeymoon. Not many are lucky to get this chance.

I am more worried about the threat to your samose mein aloo legacy though. And the threat is from your friend Nitish. A tax has been imposed on samosa. If the poor man (women hardly go out to eat samosas in Bihar) cannot afford his samosa anymore, how will he appreciate the potency of the samose mein aloo and Bihar mein Lalu analogy. What worries me more is suppose there is a TDS ( tax deduction at source) on the samosa and the part with aloo goes to the government. Once again your claim of political relevance in Bihar would be under threat. You get my point, right?

Daru was already in the endangered list.I can imagine a situation where the samosa is also under threat. Neither spirit nor spice. What will we Biharis do?

All of us want to see a thriving and developed Bihar. Think about it. How would you feel if people start going in hordes to duty free samosa shops across the state border? Already our police stations are in shambles. Where will they keep hundreds of karahis which would be seized for tax evasion everyday?

You are the true grass root leader. All these bureaucrats and economists ( I am assuming one of them must have convinced Nitish to sanction this onslaught against the samosa) eat French Fries and Burgers. They will install a shaitan in Nitish ( like the BJP tried to install within you during the election campaign). You must forewarn him. Imagine, what if dhokla makes an entry by replacing the tax ridden samosa. Like the Manchester cloth replacing our domestic handloom.

I think we should have an export subsidy on samosa instead of taxes.

Yours truly


A die hard Samosa (and hence Lalu) Fan.

P.S. I think some of your fellow socialists still say things like indirect taxes being regressive and anti-poor.


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