Why Robert Vadras win?

Noted journalist and writer Sucheta Dalal is the managing editor of Moneylife. She can be contacted at twitter.

Sucheta Dalal

Sometimes, less than 140 characters tell a whole story, like this tweet by Deepak Joshi on 11th October. He said, “Behind every successful builder is a successful politician.” That, in a nutshell, explains DLF’s generous sales and interest-free advances which helped Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law, Robert Vadra, become a billionaire so quickly. As recently as March 2011, his company Skylights Hospitality Pvt Ltd had a capital of just Rs5 lakh but assets of over Rs50 crore. He had also set up a score of other companies whose acquisition of land and apartments across India are still being unravelled as I write.

That the builder-politician nexus is common knowledge was obvious from the many tweets triggered by my query about politicians who are into realty development. No wonder all political parties are silent about civil rights activist Arvind Kejriwal’s demand for an inquiry into what was the quid pro quo behind DLF’s generous interest-free advance of over Rs65 crore to the first son-in-law of India.

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