Lover Boys

A Documentary film by Julia Rooke and Caroline Pare

This is the story of Ibrahim, a courageous Dutch-Moroccan social worker in the Netherlands who is tackling the high incidences of sex-trafficking of young Dutch girls by their so-called ‘boyfriends’ – the Lover Boys – the majority of whom are Dutch-Moroccan.

It is a taboo subject, but Ibrahim and his allies, including a local sheikh, are determined to remove this stain from their community.
Ibrahim does preventative work with vulnerable young men in youth clubs as well as political lobbying to get the matter addressed in his local authority.

The complications of working in a country where prostitution is legal for over 18s, as well as cultural taboos within his own community, make for many challenges – and he is only too aware that right-wing elements thrive on any vulnerabilities among immigrant groups.

The film includes a disguised interview with a former Lover Boy, as well as harrowing and graphic testimonies from young women who were pimped by their ‘boyfriends’ when aged 12 and 15.

NOTE: This film contains some graphic descriptions of sexual abuse and some strong language which has been appropriately beeped.


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