It’s ok a doctor prescribed it!

John Terrett is a Washington DC based correspondent for al Jazeera English. In the United States the number of people hospitalised for prescription drug abuse has increased four hundred percent in the past… Continue reading

Can a ‘closed’ AMU be a model for Muslims?

If there is one obscure Latin word that the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) campus is quite familiar with, it’s ‘sine die’. I think it all started when former bureaucrat Mahmoodur Rahman, after assisting… Continue reading

The Call of the Camera

Whenever Children of the Pyre is screened, Jala says he is typically asked if the experience has changed him. “Considering all the struggles that I have gone through in my childhood and youth,… Continue reading

Open Letter to Mr. Jairam Ramesh on POSCO Order

Dear Sir, We are writing (again) to you regarding the role that you continue to play in making Indian democracy into a farce that justifies its moniker as a Republic of Scams. Your… Continue reading

एक थे मोईन अख्‍तर

मोईन अख्तर से मेरा पहला परिचय चीन में हुआ था। पाकिस्तानी दोस्त रहमान साहब और उनके परिवार के यहां आना-जाना था। हमारे बीच कई समानताएं थीं। हम लगभग एक ही जबान बोलते थे।… Continue reading

दिल्‍ली के यू.पी. भवन पर विभिन्‍न संगठनों के प्रतिनिधियों, छात्रों, बुद्धिजीवियों का धरना

गोरखपुर (उत्तर प्रदेश) में 3 मई को मालिकों के गुण्‍डों द्वारा मज़दूरों पर गोली चलाने के विरोध में और दोषियों के खिलाफ कार्रवाई की मांग करते हुए दिल्‍ली स्थित यू.पी. भवन पर 5 मई को विभिन्‍न संगठनों… Continue reading

In Praise of Marx

Praising Karl Marx might seem as perverse as putting in a good word for the Boston Strangler. Were not Marx’s ideas responsible for despotism, mass murder, labor camps, economic catastrophe, and the loss… Continue reading

North Korea’s network of political prison camps hold an estimated 200,000 people.

Amnesty International has published satellite imagery and new testimony that shed light on the horrific conditions in North Korea’s network of political prison camps, which hold an estimated 200,000 people. The images reveal… Continue reading

Pakistan did its part: Zardari

Pakistan, perhaps the world’s greatest victim of terrorism, joins the other targets of al-Qaeda — the people of the United States, Britain, Spain, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Turkey, Yemen, Kenya, Tanzania, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and… Continue reading

The curious case of Osama bin Laden

Bin Laden’s death should be regarded as a transformational moment by Pakistan and its military. It is time to dispense with the Musharraf-era cat and mouse games. We must repudiate the current policy… Continue reading

No dignity at Ground Zero

As a US Muslim I abhor the frat boy reaction. We should be celebrating the Arab spring, not this, says Mona Eltahawy. Read more….. Mona Eltahawy is a writer and lecturer on Arab issues.… Continue reading