Indian Government Paves Way for Ban on Chrysotile Asbestos

Quebec & Canada Condemned for Support of Chrysotile Asbestos Industry at UN Meet Indian Government Paves Way for Ban on Chrysotile Asbestos, terms it Hazardous Chemical Rotterdam Alliance, Calls Canada, Cancer Culprit, a… Continue reading

An Appeal to the Indian Parliament to Repeal the Sedition Law

Dear All, A recent Convention organized by People’s Union of Civil Liberties (PUCL) and participated in by other Human Rights organizations heard accounts of widespread and systematic misuse of the sedition law across… Continue reading

Contours of the Indo-Pak peace process

Amit Ranjan  is a Research Scholar in South Asian Studies division of School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. His other posts can be seen here. He can be reached at… Continue reading

Despite hoaxes, anonymity remains important

After an American admitted inventing the “Gay Girl in Damascus” character, the validity of blogs has been questioned. The treatment of Arraf’s story raises serious questions about working with sources, as well as… Continue reading

अब सालेह की बारी

प्रकाश के रे बरगद के संपादक हैं. जहां तानाशाही सच है, वहां क्रांति जनता का हक़ है. -विक्टर ह्यूगो बीते महीनों में दो मज़बूत तानाशाहों को भागने पर मजबूर कर चुकी अरब की… Continue reading

26/11 Truth: Rana’s Acquittal

Feroze Mithiborwalais a peace activist in Mumbai. He led the Asia to Gaza peace flotilla. Feroze Mithiborwala The recent acquittal by Tawwarhur Rana by a US Chicago Court for his alleged role in… Continue reading

International Socialists in the 1960s

Bargad Special In this article, Alex Snowdon analyses the development of the radical Marxist’s trailblazing organisation, the International Socialists. Alex Snowdon is a a socialist activist based in the North East of England; he… Continue reading

Academics vs. Critics

Never the Twain Shall Meet: Why can’t cinephiles and academics just get along? In most arts, academic study isn’t considered the enemy of journalistic criticism. A newspaper’s music or architecture critic likely studied… Continue reading

Bottom-up revolution

The waves of revolution have had profound effects transforming possibilities into reality. In mid-February, the week after Hosni Mubarak was driven from office by the Egyptian Revolution, unprecedented demonstrations erupted in the state… Continue reading

MV Wisdom to Repeat Platinum II Act?

Gopal Krishna of ToxicsWatch Alliance (TWA) reports: Reliable sources have revealed that the cash buyer (current unofficial owner) of MV Wisdom is one Mr Gupta and the buyer is one Mr Bansal. Both… Continue reading

Women activists prepare to defy Saudi Arabian driving ban

16 June 2011 Saudi Arabian authorities must stop treating women as second-class citizens and open the Kingdom’s roads to women drivers, Amnesty International said today, as a group of women prepared to defy… Continue reading

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