Alvida, Maqbool Fida: M.F. Husain, Free at Last

M. F. Husain at the Serpentine Gallery during the Installation of ‘Indian HIghway’, December 2008 Like possibly several other children growing up in the kind of lower-middle class metropolitan households that attempted to… Continue reading


Dear All, This is in pursuance of the Statement of Concern issued in the matter of world’s biggest data management project, Unique Identification (UID) /Aadhaar Number scheme and related proposals like National Intelligence Grid by 17 eminent… Continue reading

Why are secular and civil liberty activists disappointed over the draft of ‘Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence (Access to Justice and Reparations) Bill, 2011

Why is the law on Communal Violence specifically addressing protection of religious minorities? The need for a new legislative mechanism, to deal with communal violence targeting religious minorities, was confirmed by the experience… Continue reading

Chicago Terrorism Trial: What We Learned, and Didn’t, About Pakistan’s Terror Connections

An award-winning veteran foreign correspondent and investigative reporter, Sebastian Rotella was named a Pulitzer finalist for international reporting for his coverage of terrorism and Muslim communities in Europe in 2006. He won the… Continue reading

Exile or Home Arrest?

Maqbool Fida Husain, an art icon, has become a political toy. The Congress led Union Government has flashed support for his return to India. On 29 October 2009, it declared that it would… Continue reading

M F Husain

He has been called the Pablo Picasso of India, MF Husain discusses his sometimes controversial art and his journey to international success. His mother died when he was just one-and-a-half years old and… Continue reading

Possible Police Attack on the Villagers of Anti-POSCO movement anytime from now

Dear Friends, Over 2000 villagers have formed a human barricade and are sitting in front of the Govindpur village border, day and night, for the last one week to face any imminent attack… Continue reading

हुसैन साहब

११ मार्च, २०१० को सराय रीडर लिस्ट पर यह टिप्पणी भेजी थी. उस समय लिस्ट पर हुसैन साहब के क़तर की नागरिकता लेने पर बहस चल रही थी. –प्रकाश के रे, संपादक, बरगद.

An artist and a movement

Any great change in a nation’s civilisation begins in the field of culture. M.F. HUSAIN WE had our own parallel national movement. We were part of the Progressive Artists Group; there were five… Continue reading

Text of the historic judgment of Delhi HC on M F Husain

Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul of the Delhi High Court delivered his lucid judgment dated 08/05/2008 quashing a bunch of cases against beleaguered artist M.F.Husain. The text of the historic judgment in full (pdf)

Palestinian activism energised by Arab Spring

Palestinian activists adapt tactics from uprisings to their own struggle, as tide of Pan-Arabism brings popular support. Aside from the backing of the various Palestinian political factions, the return to Palestine movement has… Continue reading