Is Mladic’s trial an opportunity for Serbia?

Now based in his native London, Barnaby Phillipshas travelled extensively for Al Jazeera English. He was based in Athens for four years, from where he covered the Greek economic crisis, political upheavals in… Continue reading

Its Official, Supreme Court’s Order on Shipbreaking Violated

GMB, Customs Admit that Inability to Verify Fake Documents of Ship Owners Documents of Dead Ships Currently on Alang Beach be Probed New Delhi, 2/6/2011 In an Office Memorandum No.29-3/2009-HSMD, Government of India,… Continue reading

On Communal Violence Prevention Bill

Bargad Exclusive Professional journalist and occasional documentary filmmaker John Dayal has been a human rights activist since the early Seventies. His book on the Indian Emergency (1975-77) is a major document of that… Continue reading

A major victory for the agitating workers in Gorakhpur

A major victory for the agitating workers in Gorakhpur Dismissed workers taken back Factory owners buckle under pressure – Locked out mills to start from  June 3  New Delhi, June 2. Workers in… Continue reading

मजदूरों ने तालाबंद कारखाने पर कब्‍जा किया/ Workers occupy locked out mill

गोरखपुर, उत्तर प्रदेश में चल रहे मज़दूर आन्दोलन पर यह ताज़ा रपट संदीप ( ने भेजी है: गोरखपुर के आंदोलनरत मजदरों ने अपनी मांगों को लेकर दबाव बनाने के लिए तालाबंद धागा मिल… Continue reading

We Have No Right To Be Surprised

What’s said about sausage and journalism must also be true of foreign policy: that if you knew how it was produced, you wouldn’t want to consume it. I’m certainly disgusted and alarmed to… Continue reading

The Ecological Rift: Capitalism’s War on the Earth

Elaine Graham-Leigh lives in London, UK, where she divides her time between writing and political activism, particularly on climate change. She has recently started writing short speculative fiction and has a story forthcoming… Continue reading

‘Must not see Land Acquisition in isolation from larger Agrarian Question’ -S P Shukla

S.P. Shukla, Former Member of Planning Commission, India, discusses the land acquisition policies and ways of various State governments in the country. He argues for a comprehensive Land Use Policy document to be… Continue reading

बुक ऑव ख़ालिद और अरब का आज

चन्दन श्रीवास्तव से जुड़े हैं. उनके आलेख समय-समय पर पत्र-पत्रिकाओं में छपते रहते हैं. चन्दन से पर संपर्क किया जा सकता है. संस्कृति का शायद ही कोई पाठ हो जो आज युद्ध के… Continue reading

Are Palestinian Children Less Worthy?

Although Palestinian children endure lives of suffering, Obama’s love for their Israeli counterparts knows no limit. What is it about Jewish and Arab children that privileges the first and spurns the second in… Continue reading

Big Mummy of All Welfare Schemes

The hungry can wait. India to create a National Food Security Commission. To be followed up at the State-level. More cushy jobs in the name of poor and hungry.  It is being projected as… Continue reading