Hope lost, audacity found

In his younger days, Barack Obama called for a more even-handed approach from the US on the Israel- Palestine conflict; today he warns activists not to sail to Gaza Obama’s administration has pursued… Continue reading

Nandan Manohar Nilekani, CIA, & NADRA, Pakistan

Dear Fellow Citizens, Pursuant to our earlier discussions, there has not been any debate on the Unique Identity (UID) Number or Aadhaar Number and related proposals and legislations either in the state legislatures… Continue reading

समलैंगिकता: बहस के कुछ सन्दर्भ

प्रकाश के रे बरगद के संपादक हैं. ठीक दो साल आज के दिन दिल्ली उच्च न्यायलय ने अपने ऐतिहासिक फ़ैसले में भारतीय दंड संहिता की धारा 377 के अंतर्गत अपराध माने गए ‘अप्राकृतिक’… Continue reading

Lokpal bill and the Prime Minister

When the basic structure of the Constitution denies the Prime Minister immunity from prosecution, how could it be argued that the office should not be brought under the scrutiny of the Lokpal? The… Continue reading

आर्थिक महाशक्तियां चिल्लर नहीं रखतीं

प्रकाश के रे बरगद के संपादक है. सुबह मैंने एक मित्र से थोड़ा सैड-सेंटी भाव में चवन्नी की विदाई की चर्चा की. तपाक से उनका जवाब था- तुम्हारे जैसे सिनिकल लोगों की यही… Continue reading

Hem Chandra Pandey Memorial Lecture

Friends, We solicit your presence on first Hem Chandra Pandey Memorial Lecture. Veteran journalist and writer Sumanto Banarjee will deliver the lecture on the topic ‘Is Pro- people Journalism Possible Without Activism?’ Vibrant… Continue reading

A sweeping empowerment

Mayank Gandhi is currently serving as the Secretary for the Remaking of Mumbai Federation (RoMF) and is one of the Directors of LOK Housing and Construction, Ltd. in Mumbai . Mayank has worked… Continue reading

Imran Versus Imran: The Untold Story

Bargad Exclusive Born on 21 September 1977, Buxar (India), Frank Huzur is a poet, playwright, journalist and author. In March 1997, he launched a news magazine, Utopia, and became one of the youngest… Continue reading

India’s First Step Towards Prohibition of Asbestos at UN Meet

World Condemns Canadian Govt’s Support for Hazardous Chrysotile Asbestos BANI Welcomes India’s First Step Towards Prohibition of Asbestos at UN Meet 24/6/2011 New Delhi/Patna: Ban Asbestos Network of India (BANI) Welcomes India’s dramatic… Continue reading

Zojila Watch: A campaign to connect

Javed Naqi is founder and working committee member of ZOJILA WATCH. The isolated world of Ladakh is set to be opened up for all weather if a push for accessibility by a group… Continue reading

Statement on 254th Anniversary of British East India Company’s Treacherous Conquest

Civil society activists have written an open letter to government of India on the 254th anniversary of Battle of Plassey with an appeal to not to forget painful lessons of that Battle, which… Continue reading

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