There is a difference between postponement and ban

Vrinda Grover is a noted lawyer and activist. Read her earlier comments on the issue here. Justice is central to our struggle. Legal processes are integral to justice. Many rights are at stake.… Continue reading

what a truly controversial film on rape and rape culture in India could be like

Ayesha Kidwai teaches at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. I have just watched a film that leaves me underwhelmed but not angry or distraught. It is not hate speech, it is not racist,… Continue reading

Beyond Ban or No Ban on ‘India’s Daughter’ : A Letter to NDTV

Activists and Lawyers write a letter to NDTV on the issue of broadcasting ‘India’s Daughter’ 5th March, 2015 To, Dr. Pranoy Roy, Co-Founder and Executive Co-Chairperson, NDTV, New Delhi. Dear Dr. Prannoy Roy,… Continue reading

AAP’s Mayank Gandhi’s Note to volunteers on the NE Meeting

Mayank Gandhi is an activist and a member of Aam Aadmi Party’s National Executive Committee. He has written this note on his blog. इस नोट का हिंदी अनुवाद यहां पढा जा सकता है.… Continue reading

‘India’s Daughter’ is not an act of global solidarity

Vrinda Grover is a noted lawyer and activist. I have seen the documentary film, India’s Daughter. I think we need to take a position of engagement rather than posit it as a ban… Continue reading

The artist couple

The artist couple Meenakshi J. and Jey sushil have been painting at people’s houses, schools, jails and walls involving them in the creative process. They feel it’s a kind of relational art where… Continue reading

Istanbul: the western end of Eurasia

Prof. Ajay Patnaik is a senior academic at the School of International Studies in Jawaharlal Nehru University. He can be contacted at patnaik.ajay[at} There are many definitions of Eurasia. This author mostly had… Continue reading

Five things AAP Govt in Delhi must do

Gopal Krishna is an activist and associated with ToxicsWatch Alliance, Ban Asbestos Network of India (BANI), IMOWatch, MediaVigil & WaterWatch Alliance. He is also researching the corporate crimes in India after Independence. He… Continue reading

All India Bakchod ‘Roasted’

Anubhav Sinha is noted film producer & director. He blogs at I am not writing this because like most I must have an opinion too regarding AIB ROAST. I am writing this… Continue reading

Reflections on Syriza

Louis Proyect, the author of this piece, is the moderator of the Marxism mailing list, where his various articles first appear. For information on how to subscribe to the list, go here. Active in… Continue reading

Censor Board just became such a friendly place!

Rakesh Sharma is a noted Documentary filmmaker. In 2004, the day after the Censors cleared my film Final Solution, after denying it a certificate 3 months earlier, I had a request for an… Continue reading

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