बिहार का व्यवस्थित शोषण

प्रधानमंत्री को अगर बिहार की जरूरत का अहसास होता, तो वे सवा लाख करोड़ की जगह पांच लाख करोड़ के पैकेज की घोषणा करते. अगर प्रधानमंत्री बिहार के सच का सामना नहीं करना चाहते हैं और समुचित कदम उठाने में हिचक रहे हैं, तो उनकी सोच और समझ पर गंभीर सवाल खड़े होते हैं. जरूरत इस बात की है कि बिहार के दोहन का सिलसिला रूके और उसका उचित हिस्सा राज्य को दिया जाए.

Bajrangi: Not A Review

It’s a belief in innocence. It’s a cry for turning the clock back. It’s a want for getting back to your roots. There would be a million eyes across the North who yearn to go and see that wooden door through which their childhood flew into manhood overnight.


Though going by the reality that may remain a distant hope always, the figures provided by the SECC 2011 has really opened up the debate on the relevance of mainstream growth and development models among thinking minds. At some point or the other, a demand for people oriented development will rise, and if the government does not pay any attention to it now probably a time will come when it will be compelled to.

Bharatiya… Hum Bhi Hai… “Jana Gana Mana” sung by Hijras

The idea behind this video is to show that just like Indian men and women, Indian Hijras too have the right to choose an employment which fits their talent, skill and passion.

शोले के बहाने

सिनेमा को समाज के दर्पण के रूप में पढ़ा जाए या नेशनल अलेगोरी के रूप में? दर्शक भरत मुनि का रसिक है या चार्ली चैप्लिन का इग्नोरैंट फ़ेलो? वह घटक का प्रोजेक्शन है या रे का प्रोजेक्ट? वह मोंटाज का उपभोक्ता है या लाइट एंड साउंड का भुक्तभोगी? वह अवंतिका का रेपिस्ट है या बजरंगी के लिए दुआगो?

Border Anthems – Dedicated to our grandparents

67 years ago, India and Pakistan were born amidst the chaos of the Partition. An artificial border was drawn between two countries that used to be one land.
These are their Border Anthems.

A Different World is Possible : Jeremy Corbyn

Socialism DOES Work

Can India turn around the sad story into a happy one?

To turn the story of the nation and her people from the sad one to a happy one will require fundamental structural and policy changes where the last man is receiving attention and benefits and does not remain perennially on the receiving end.


He made it his life mission to exhort the young to greatness. India’s young will miss him.

Media Representations of Some Art Forms Associated with the Qingming Festival in China

Following passages show how local practices of ancestral worship in China actually have begun to define the community identities of the emigrant Chinese in the Western world and also their attempt to highlight their ancient history in the context of these practices, when their practice of ancestor worship is represented by the media.

An Open Letter to Prof Amartya Sen

I would like to place some points related to the university that are missing from your article. And they are missing because you have presided over that grand circus performed by your ‘sect’ that gave every rule, every integrity, and every morality a disgusting damn. And Sire, I repeat, you preside over the whole farce played out in the name of a prestigious, iconic and cultural memory.

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