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All Animals are Equal BUT…

Suzan Masoud writes on the socio-cultural aspects of the Middle-eastern countries. She can be reached on her blog MidEastCan trans and Twitter. Do you remember that line from George Orwell’s Animal Farm, “All animals… Continue reading

Call to boycott The Cameri Theatre at the Delhi International Arts Festival 2012

Don’t let Israeli apartheid onstage! 

 Call to boycott The Cameri Theatre at the Delhi International Arts Festival 2012

 The organizers of the Delhi International Arts Festival (DIAF) — the Prasiddha Foundation, the… Continue reading

Petitioning Information and Broadcasting Minister to Save Indie Cinema

  As the country celebrates 100 years of cinema we want to bring to your notice how New Wave Indie Cinema of India is under threat. Among the various challenges that we face as Indie… Continue reading

Pussy Riot Closing Statements

“Open all the doors, tear off your epaulets Come, taste freedom with us.” This trial is highly typical and speaks volumes. The current government will have occasion to feel shame and embarrassment because… Continue reading

Canary in a Coal mine: Solo exhibition by Prabhakar Pachpute

Prabhakar Pachpute is often amazed and perplexed that his village now rests on a series of pillars – the land beneath carved hollow from excavation. These extraordinary murals in Clark House are potent expressions of Prabhakar’s… Continue reading

अलविदा ‘थार की लता’

गंगा सहाय मीणा जवाहरलाल नेहरु विश्वविद्यालय, नई दिल्ली में सहायक प्रोफेसर हैं. उनसे पर संपर्क किया जा सकता है. इस 21 जुलाई को पश्चिमी राजस्‍थान के मांगणियार नामक दलित समुदाय की माण्‍ड… Continue reading

Audience are hungry for quality content well-told -Brahmanand Singh

Exclusive Award winning filmmaker and writer Brahmanand Singh talks to Anu Singh Choudharyabout his irregular, yet compelling, journey as a filmmaker. He also unravels the truth behind independent filmmaking in India, and passionately… Continue reading

Bethlehem Students celebrate Tawjehi Results

Elias Halabi is a photo artist based in Bethlehem, Palestine. Text & Images: Elias Halabi. You can join his facebook page to look at the amazing lives of the Palestinian people blacked out by the… Continue reading

Hybrid versus “Pure”- A Flawed Theorem

Sophia Pandeya responds to Suleman Akhtar’s article on the music being created in Coke Studio series. Sophia’s writing is informed by Eastern as well as Western modern and traditional poetic forms.  Born in… Continue reading

Zindagi Badi Honi Chahiye, Lambi Nahin…ha, ha, ha

Susmita Dasgupta, a ‘Sociologist of everyday life’ wrote her Doctoral thesis on Amitabh Bachchan. Her blog is here. The first Hindi film I saw which I also happened to follow and recall was… Continue reading

‘Superstar’ Rajesh Khanna

A sneak peek into the happenings of the sizzling 70’s when ‘Superstar’ Rajesh Khanna (29 Dec 1942 – 18 July 2012)) reigned supreme!! The documentary was made by BBC in 1973