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भाजपा के ‘फ़्लॉप’ सितारे

अनुपम जी यह बात नहीं बताना चाहते हैं. उन्हें यह बताना चाहिए कि बिहारी सिनेमा-टीवी के घोर उपभोक्ता हैं और भाजपा के दर्जन भर से अधिक केंद्रीय मंत्री और आस-पड़ोस के राज्यों के दिग्गज बिहार में कई सप्ताह से जमे हुए हैं. और, यह कि इसके बावज़ूद पार्टी का प्रचार ढीला है. इसे राजनीतिक दृष्टिकोण से देखा जाना चाहिए, न कि कुछ रुपयों के लिए प्रचार करने आये सिने-कलाकारों की असफलता के रूप में.


The social and political scenario of our beloved country is worsening with every passing day. Right wing forces have polarized nation in the name of religion, caste and ethnicity for political gains. Dissent is systematically crushed and rational thinkers and writers are threatened and brutally killed in broad daylight.

Bajrangi: Not A Review

It’s a belief in innocence. It’s a cry for turning the clock back. It’s a want for getting back to your roots. There would be a million eyes across the North who yearn to go and see that wooden door through which their childhood flew into manhood overnight.

Bharatiya… Hum Bhi Hai… “Jana Gana Mana” sung by Hijras

The idea behind this video is to show that just like Indian men and women, Indian Hijras too have the right to choose an employment which fits their talent, skill and passion.

शोले के बहाने

सिनेमा को समाज के दर्पण के रूप में पढ़ा जाए या नेशनल अलेगोरी के रूप में? दर्शक भरत मुनि का रसिक है या चार्ली चैप्लिन का इग्नोरैंट फ़ेलो? वह घटक का प्रोजेक्शन है या रे का प्रोजेक्ट? वह मोंटाज का उपभोक्ता है या लाइट एंड साउंड का भुक्तभोगी? वह अवंतिका का रेपिस्ट है या बजरंगी के लिए दुआगो?

Earthfall Unmarked

While the tourists complained about the stretch on their way to Yumthang and Zero Point, I got off the vehicle to take a lazy stroll. The signs of the havoc lay barren under the open sky like a war-ridden landscape after the rage.

Learning Hindi in Paris

The world turned azure, and amidst boozy banter and the ruffling of denim, you were there, alone, bidding the night farewell.

Keshav Lal and Soni Bai Waghini

Keshav Lal has worked with legendary composers such as Laxmikant Pyarelal and makers like V. Shantaram . Fate bought him to streets of Pune where he lived with his wife and together they… Continue reading

‘Film industry people are indulging in wrong doings and harassment!’

Monisha Kanwar interviews Filmmaker Dilip K Mukharaiya on his upcoming film Pareshaanpur… How did the idea of Pareshaanpur originate? The idea of Pareshaanpur came as a routine subject, I always looking for a… Continue reading


Awadhesh Kumar Jha is a Research Scholar at Centre for Historical Studies, School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He can be reached at awadhesh4jnu[at] Introduction Despite the absence of direct… Continue reading

This is Not Cricket : Feature length documentary project

In Rome, two friends are rebuilding their undefeated cricket team that broke up due to  pressure from social and religious issues… Support the project Italian Director Jacopo de Bertoldi graduated in philosophy from Ca’… Continue reading

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